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Cebu day 1

Day 1 

I am on the plane now. I talked to the ladies who are sitting next to me. Oh actually they talked to me first, cause they asked me to show how to fill in the documents, and then I began a conversation with them. It was nice, I mean they are really friendly and nice, but still I have some 違和感 about their reactions and of course mine too. Japanese people are extremely nice and sweet, but I cannot tell that they speak out from the bottom of their heart. Somehow they have shallow conversation when they meet first. Their relationship just ends when they say goodbyes, even they have a satisfying conversation. Isn't it a bit strange? They do not pretend to be nice, they are actually nice, but they feel that strangers are strangers and I think there is a unseen wall between people who just met. These words may make you think that I am always true to myself and I can build a nice relationship with strangers, but the problem is people that I mentioned above is me. I have a very Japanese tendency. I think I am always nice and sweet, but I cannot say that I am true to be myself. How can I be a person who are always honest and confident about yourself. Maybe the answe is, I am still looking for tho, just stretch yourself. You need to have tons of opportunities to try to talk to strangers and build a nice relationship, and then you can gradually find out there are almost no people who are originally evil. Maybe you can find that how you talk to them is key to build a nice relationship and you can improve this skill by small step. I hope so :) おしまい ❤️